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Sunday, 11 January 2009 05:42

Tune your Setar or Tar with our Online tuner:

Some theoretical notions before tuning your Setar (or Tar):

Persian classical music like many other Oriental classical musics does not consider as compulsory the use of Western music standardized pitch or the commonly called A440 ("A = 440 Hz").
This Standardization was established in 1939, and was mostly designed to cut through tuning problems in European music orchestration (which can use up to hundreds of instruments and choir). It means that in an orchestra all instruments and vocals have to conform to that standard.
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Tuesday, 12 February 2008 00:00
Very brief and concise presentation of Setar by Dariush Tala'i, a great master of Tar, Setar and Radif (video in French)

English Transcript of the video:

Dariush Tala'i:

"Setar" in Persian (Farsi) means "Three Strings".
"Se" means three and "tar" means string. At the beginning there were three strings but another one was added and now there are four (Editor's note : the addition of the fourth string is credited to Moshtagh Ali Shah, a famous 18th century Setar master).

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